FAQ: Contractor Registration

Frequently Asked Questions: Contractor Registration

Q:  Who needs to register as a contractor?

All contractors, including subcontractors, that are being paid to do work must be registered with the Building Department in order to perform work in Marshall County; with the exception that a residential owner-occupant of a dwelling may perform their own work.

Q:  Why do I need to register as a contractor?

The Marshall County Ordinance (2013-20) requires any person, firm, or corporation engaging for remuneration in the building construction business including any new construction, repairs, alteration, demolition, or remodeling for which a building permit is required in Marshall County, Indiana.  Such contracting activities shall also include structural, electrical, plumbing and heating and air conditioning work and other such related activities.

Q:  Do I need to take any special classes or test before I register?

No classes or tests are required to register as a contractor.

Q:  When do I need to register as a contractor?

Registration in Marshall County runs from January thru December.  We recommend you register early so that you aren’t delayed in being able to pull a permit. 

Q:  How do I register or renew my license?

Marshall County’s Contractor Registration is online or you can always go to the Marshall County Building Department for assistance.

Q:  What do I need to register?

  1. Certificate of Insurance showing your proof of liability insurance
  2. Worker’s Compensation or a Worker’s Compensation Waiver approved from the State of Indiana
  3. License and Permit Bond in the amount of $20,000 made out to Marshall County.

Q:  What happens if my bond or insurance expires or is cancelled by the company?

If this happens, you are placed on an inactive list and you will not be allowed to pull a permit.  Also, if you are working in Marshall County with an inactive registration you may be subject to fines/penalties or even a stop work order.


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