Board of Commissioners  

The Marshall County Commissioners are comprised of three members, each elected county wide. Each serve four year terms. The Commissioners are the executive body of the county and are responsible for county buildings, lands and property; audits and authorizes claims against the county; receives bids and authorizes contracts; supervising many County departments; oversee construction and maintenance of roads and bridges as well as exercise many of the legislative powers and duties of the county.   The Board meets on the first Monday, at 8:30 a.m. and the third Monday, at 9:45 a.m. (the precise starting time of the this meeting may vary, depending on the length of the Drainage Board meeting immediately preceding), every month in the Commissioners Room 203.  Meeting dates are subject to change because of scheduled holidays or per the Commissioners’ schedules.



Commissioners                             Contact                    District         Term Ends

Kurt Garner                                        574-936-0613               District 1             2018

Mike Delp                                           574-930-4552               District 2             2020

Kevin Overmyer, President          574-952-0852                 District 3             2020

                                     Jim Clevenger, County Attorney

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