Drug & Alcohol Program (MCDAP)

Drug & Alcohol Program (MCDAP)  



 The Marshall County Drug and Alcohol Program (MCDAP) through Marshall County Court Services accepts referrals from all courts in Marshall County, prosecutor’s pre-trial diversion program, attorney referrals with a pending case and transfers from other courts as appropriate. The Marshall County Drug and Alcohol Program is certified by the Judicial Conference of Indiana. The purpose of the program is to take a structured and consistent approach in attempting to reduce offender recidivism rates of substance-use related offenses in order to make this county a safer place in which to live, work, and travel. The program offers a variety of services with specified goals, including:


  1. Standardized assessment of each client to identify substance use patterns for determining an appropriate level of intervention in order to assist in preventing further development of substance abuse-related problems.
  2. Referral to substance abuse education to provide current information regarding substance abuse behavior patterns for those clients who, through assessment, appear to be appropriate for this level of intervention emphasizing the prevention of further substance-use related problems.
  3. Referral to substance abuse treatment for those clients who, through assessment, are found to be in need of treatment services. The Indiana Division of Mental Health and Addictions or other equivalent agency certifies all treatment providers utilized by the program.
  4. Effective case management of all clients to monitor a client’s participation in treatment or education and to ensure that clients are receiving quality services in addressing their specific substance abuse issues and needs.


*MCDAP fee policy is made available at the time of Intake or individuals may inquire by calling the office.

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