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Coroner's Office

The Coroner and his staff are responsible for determining the case and manner of death when a person dies from violence, by casualty, and suspicious or an unnatural manner.

We are responsible for certification of death certificates and many more applicable reports during a death investigation. The law which governs this office is Indiana Code: 32-2-14. The Coroner’s office works in conjunction with Law Enforcement, as they are present at every death scene.

Most importantly, we work closely with the families of a decedent during a death investigation. We become a “gate keeper” per say, as it is our responsibility to provide answers that may be asked, and help families coordinate with funeral homes, the Health Department and in some cases, notification of other family members and agencies.

The principles and values that I and my deputies adhere to are very high. Every death deserves an investigation and we treat the families and the deceased with the dignity and respect that they deserve.

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Coroner's Office
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