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Community Corrections

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Mission Statement

Provide cost effective programs utilizing evidence based practices to generate positive change.

Components of Community Corrections

  • Home Detention/GPS Electronic Monitoring
  • Jail Treatment Program
  • Scram Remote Alcohol Breath Testing
  • Community Transition Program

Procedures for Admission

The Defendant must complete a Community Corrections worksheet and then schedule an interview. To schedule an interview call the Office at 574-935-8782. This appointment must be at least three weeks prior to your sentencing date.

The Offender is required to bring the following documents to the Interview.

A completed Community Corrections Application and General Rules and Special Conditions Packet; which must include the completed employer agreement.

Eligible Requirements include but are not limited to the following

  • Permanent Residence
  • Financial Ability to Pay the Required Fees
  • Must be Employed
  • Have not been removed from this or any other Community Correction Program within the past seven (7) years
  • Must not have a history of convictions involving, resisting LE, violence involving weapons or criminal sexual acts
  • Not considered a risk or threat to the community
  • Have had no history of escape and/or absconding
  • Currently have no warrants, detainers, holds or orders of protection issued by a Court of another Jurisdiction

The following is a list of characteristics that disqualify an individual from being placed on Home Detention

  1. Multiple prior (history of) convictions involving resisting, violence, weapons, or criminal sexual acts;
  2. History of escape and /or absconding;
  3. Expelled or discharged unsatisfactorily from any prior community correction program;
  4. Flight risk or a threat to the physical safety of the public;
  5. Serious mental or physical illness that hider their abilities to follow the guidelines of Marshall County Community Corrections;
  6. Conviction of an ineligible offense in the preceding seven (7) years from the current conviction date (see the below list of offenses); or
  7. Currently has a warrant, detainer, hold, or order of protection issued by a court of another jurisdiction.


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Curt D. Palmer Judge, Marshall Circuit Court Office Term
Robert O. Bowen Judge, Superior Court 1 Office Term
Dean A. Colvin Judge, Superior Court 2 Office Term
Mark Senter Mayor, City of Plymouth Office Term
Nelson Chipman Prosecutor Office Term
Matt Hassell Sheriff Office Term
Chastity Keller CASA 2020
James Pheibush Probation 2020
James Bendy Probation 2019
James JB Brown 2019
Michael Carroll 2019
Terry Clemens 2019
Kathleen Davidson 2019
Francis Ellert 2019
Will Hostrawser 2019
Sam Schlosser 2019

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Ward Byers,
Director of Operations
Community Corrections
510 W Adams St
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Plymouth, IN 46563
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