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Probation Office

Mission Statement

The Mission of Probation is to provide necessary services to the offender toward reducing criminal/delinquent behavior, while balancing the needs and insuring the safety of the community. Probation is a profession that requires fundamental knowledge of the law, sentencing alternatives, human services and community protection.

Probation Vision

  • To assure victims of criminal activity will receive restitution and their needs and concerns are addressed in all matters.

  • To reduce recidivism of offenders through a full range of brokered services that encourages and facilitates law-abiding behavior.

  • To hold offenders accountable for their behavior and intervene as necessary.

  • To promote staff safety through education and ongoing training.

  • To promote continuing professional education of probation staff members in order to enhance services to the court, victims, the community, and offenders.

Keys to Success

Over 85% of Marshall County Probationers get released from probation successfully. In order to achieve this success, there are basic requirements to which you must adhere. They are:

  1. You must not commit any further criminal acts.

  2. You must be employed full-time or be a fulltime student.

  3. You must refrain from illegal drug use.

  4. You must abide by and complete any and all terms of probation the Court has ordered including paying you financial obligations to the probation department, court, restitution, and treatment agencies.

  5. You must not leave the state of Indiana with out permission.

  6. You must maintain communication and remain in contact with your probation officer during your probation period.

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