County Council

County Council  

The Marshall County Council is comprised of seven members, four elected from districts and three elected at-large. Each serve four year terms. They are responsible for setting salaries, the annual budget, and special spending. The council also has limited authority to impose local taxes, usually in the form of an income tax that is subject to state level approval, excise taxes, or service taxes, like those on dining or lodging. The Council meets the second Monday of every month at 9:00 a.m.

Council Member                         Contact                  District              Term Ends  

Heath Thornton                              574-209-0627             District 1                  2018     

Bill Githens                                   281-788-5688             District 2                  2018     

Don Morrison, Vice President           574-936-6214             District 3                  2018     

Judith Stone, President                   574-935-9601             District 4                  2018     

Penny Lukenbill                                  574-298-2871             At-Large                  2018     

Jim Masterson                                574-286-8602             At-Large                  2020     

Jon Van Vactor                              574-933-1648             At-Large                  2020     

                                     Jim Clevenger, County Attorney

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