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Name Title Department Email Telephone
Marriage License   Clerk's Office   574-936-8922
Traffic Tickets   Clerk's Office    
Adley, AICP, Ty Plan Director Planning Department 574-935-8540
Arroyo, Yasmin Registrar/Translator Health Department 574-935-8594
Baker, Benny J Trustee - Bremen / German Twp Trustees   574-546-4823
Bennitt, Jenny County Clerk Clerk's Office 574-936-8922
Birchmeier, Angie County Auditor   574-935-8555
Borggren, Terry Trustee - Plymouth-West / West Twp Trustees   574-780-7991
Bowen, Robert O Judge Superior Court No. 1    
Byers, Ward Director of Operations Community Corrections 574-935-8782
Chipman, Jr., E. Nelson   Prosecutor's Office    
Colvin, Dean A Judge Superior Court No. 2    
Cultice, Craig County Surveyor Surveyor's Office 574-935-8530
Dotta, Sharon Victim Assistance Coordinator Victim Assistance 574-935-8609
Dunfee, Sandy Administrator/PHN Health Department 574-935-8600
Einspahr, Kelly County Treasurer   574-935-8520
Fishburn, Marie Trustee - Argos-Green / Green Twp Trustees   574-935-5545
Freed, Faith Environmentalist Health Department 574-935-8601
Garmon, Chuck Building Commissioner    
Garner, Jack Director Emergency Management 574-936-3740
Grolich, John Coroner Coroner's Office 574-936-0246
Haskins, Emily Trustee - LaPaz / North Twp Trustees   574-784-2445
Hite, Nicole Infraction Deferral Program Manager Pretrial Diversion 574-935-8624
Howard, Janet County Recorder Recorder's Office 574-935-8515
Huss, Jerry Inspector Weights & Measurements    
Staff 1-25 of 42