Who assigns my Address?

In Marshall County it depends on where your property is located.  If you live in the city/town limits you contact the city/town where you live.  If you live in the unincorporated limits of Marshall County you call the Marshall County Plan Commission office and the Plan Director issues the address.

City of Plymouth 574-936-3017

Town of Argos 574-892-5717

Town of Bourbon 574-342-4755

Town of Bremen 574-546-2044

Town of Culver 574-842-3140

Marshall County Plan Commission 574-925-8540

When can I obtain a 911 Address?

A physical address can be applied for as soon as the driveway has been established , a driveway permit has been obtained from the appropriate agency and you have applied for a building permit.

Why do I need a 911 Address?

In order to properly locate where a 911 call originates a structure must have an address. If you do not have a correct address it would be very difficult to locate your residence or business in an emergency.

Where should I post my 911 Address?

Your address should be posted at your driveway, visible from both directions of travel. It is preferable that the numbers be at least 3 inches tall and reflective to ensure they are visible at night to be visible from the road for emergency responders.  This saves time locating your home in the event of an emergency and in an emergency every second counts.

How is the address assigned?

In order to assign a new address, we take a measurement from the beginning of the road to your driveway to determine your new address.  Even numbers are assigned to one side of the road, odd numbers to the other.


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