Highway Department


The Marshall County Highway Department is responsible for maintaining 911 miles of county roads,  and 114 bridges. You will often see an orange truck patching holes on the county highways, grading a gravel road, or plowing snow in the winter.

As you’re driving on the county roads, please take notice of any orange trucks or road construction workers who may be out of their vehicles. While they’re making sure that you have good roads to drive on, help them have a safe road to work on by paying close attention while driving.

Our contribution to the community is more than what you can immediately see. In addition to maintaining roads, our employees also go the extra mile to make the county more aesthetically pleasing by picking up trash, clearing away dead animals, trimming trees and mowing the right of ways, and keeping the county culverts cleaned.


Driveway Permit

Online Permit   or   PDF form


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