Permits Required/Permit Documents Needed


Marshall County requires that an Improvement Location Permit be obtained for the following:
1. Any structure 120 square feet in area or greater
2. Any temporary use of land or temporary structure
3. Signs
4. Swimming pools (In-ground or Above-ground)
5. Additions to all structures
6. Adding or subtracting dwelling units or leased space in multifamily or commercial structures
7. Placement or replacement of manufactured or mobile homes
8. Mineral extraction
9. Telecommunication towers, buildings, and antenna
10. Any exterior construction that adds to or alters the height of the existing structure
11. Interior Renovation- Structural/Electrical/Plumbing updates
12. Shingles/Metal Roof/or Structural Changes to a roof
1. Fences, walls or hedges placed outside of the public rights of way in the un-incorporated areas of Marshall County
2. Cosmetic (non-structural) changes to any structure including the replacement of windows in existing openings, installation of siding materials and repainting

Requirements needed for application for an Improvement Location Permit shall be accompanied by the following:
1. Site Location Map – a site location map showing the subject property and the general features of the property within 500 feet of the subject property;
2. Site Plan (If applicable) – a detailed site plan, drawn to scale with the dimensions indicated showing the following:
a. The entire property including property lines
b. All existing and proposed structures with dimensions of such improvements
c. The distance from the proposed structure to each property line. You should have four measurements. (If the measurement is over 100’ you can estimate)
d. The location of an existing or proposed septic system
e. The location of the proposed driveway
3. Waste Disposal Verification (If Applicable)- For all new septic systems: You are required to contact the Marshall County Health Department and obtain a septic permit certifying the approval of an onsite septic system.
Any property with an existing septic system – the Marshall County Health Department requires that they review your permit request. Once it passes their requirements they will issue you an Onsite Sewage Disposal System Permit.
a. The following permits need reviewed by the Health Department if you have a septic system: New Home, Single Wide Mobile Home (New or Existing), Double Wide Mobile Home (New or Existing), Modular Home (New or Existing), Accessory Structure with a bathroom, In-Ground Pool, or Above Ground Pool.
4. Driveway Approval (If applicable) – A driveway permit from the County or State Highway Department if your property doesn’t have an address.
5. Use Description – A detailed description of the existing proposed use of the property and any structures.
6. Flood Hazard Area Information (If applicable) – If your property is in a flood hazard area you will need to build 2’ above the basic flood elevation (BFE). To get this information you will need to contact IDEM. You will also need to provide a Surveyors Elevation Certificate from a surveyor.
If you wish to be removed from a flood hazard area, you will need to file for a Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA).
7. If your building project is 4,000 sq ft or greater you will need to provide a Drainage Plan with your application.
8. Title and/or Purchase Agreement (If applicable) – For all Single Wides, Double Wides and Mobile Homes
9. Deed – All new homes
10. Construction Design Release (If applicable) – Is required when a building or structure is intended to or is occupied or otherwise used in any part by any of the following
a. The public
b. Three (3) or more tenants
c. One (1) or more persons who act as the employees of another
d. A site improvement affecting access by persons with physical difficulties
e. Storage facilities, tanks and dispensing equipment for flammable and combustible liquids or gases
f. Structure contains three (3) or more condominium units.

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