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Response to Corona Virus

As of 3/24/2020 per Executive Order 20-08 Construction and Planning is an essential function and we will continue to serve. 

As of 3/20/2020 All meetings of the Plan Commission, Board of Zoning Appeals, Technical Review Committee, Solar Task Force, and Unsafe Board are hereby suspended until after May 1st.  In the meantime, we ask for your assistance in working with staff during this health pandemic and national emergency.  We look forward to continuing the growth and development of Marshall County.

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The Planning Department works to guide the growth and development of the County in accordance with the Marshall County Comprehensive Plan and for the following purposes.

1.  To secure adequate light, air, and convenience of access; and safety from fire, flood and other dangers.

2.  To promote the public health, safety, comfort, convenience, morals and general welfare.

3.  To plan for the future development of the County to the end.


Current Planning involves administering the Marshall County Zoning Ordinance, Subdivision Ordinance and related regulations.  This includes processing applications for Improvement Location Permits, subdivisions, variances and other land use applications.  Staff also assists the public with questions related to the zoning code such as zoning classifications, permitted land uses and development standards.


The Marshall County Comprehensive Plan is a document which guides the County's growth and it is used frequently.  The Marshall County Planning Department is responsible for development of the Comprehensive Plan as well as other long-term planning projects and studies.


Planning staff is responsible for a variety of technical services including address management, data collection, and zoning verification.

The following jurisdictions (incorporated and unincorporated areas) are served by separate Plan Commissions:

City of Plymouth

Town of Argos

Town of Bourbon

Town of Bremen

Town of Culver

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Ty Adley, AICP,
Plan Director
Marshall County Building
112 W Jefferson St
ROOM 302
Plymouth, IN 46563
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