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Prosecutor's Office

Roles and ResponsibilitiesE. Nelson Chipman, Jr.

The primary function of the Marshall County Prosecutor’s Office is to represent the State of Indiana and prosecute individuals charged with the commission of a crime that occurred in Marshall County, Indiana.  Law enforcement agencies throughout Marshall County investigate crimes and submit the results of the investigation to our office for review. These agencies include the police departments of Plymouth, Bremen, Bourbon, Culver, and Argos, the Marshall County Sheriff’s Department, the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, and the Indiana State Police. On occasion, other state and federal agencies submit the results of investigations to our office as well.

If sufficient evidence exists to prove that an identified suspect committed a crime, my office files a criminal information in one of our three courts charging the individual and then prosecutes the case to a conclusion. If a defendant is convicted of committing the crime, he or she will be sentenced by a judge.

Other Services

Another important function of the Prosecutor’s Office is to assist custodial parents with child support collection and related matters. Additionally, my office assists crime victims through consultation and referral to service agencies to help ameliorate the devastating effects of victimization. We view ourselves as a team in this office consisting of deputy prosecutors, paralegals, child support caseworkers, a victim advocate, and essential support staff, dedicated to accomplish a common goal of making Marshall County a better and safer place to live, work, and raise a family; one case at a time.

Public Safety

Public safety is my top priority. Working with law enforcement agencies and personnel throughout Marshall County, I am committed to the protection of all within our community, especially children and seniors. My office will work and cooperate with residents, police and government leaders to improve our communities and make Marshall County a stellar community!

Prosecutor Attorney,
E. Nelson Chipman, Jr.
72nd Judicial Circuit (Marshall County), Indiana                                                                                                                                             

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